Sunday, 3 August 2014

12 Years After I Said "I Do"...

Today is our 12th year wedding anniversary and I was very curious to open my wedding box with my dress and all the things that I saved, which is pretty much everything from the day! I love memorabilia as I love to go back to moments and have something tangible to reflect on and today was one of those days that I feel incredibly grateful for everything in my life and I wanted to enjoy the moment and re-live that day. 

You might find it shocking when I say that my wedding day was not one of the best days of my life, but it is simply so because I feel the best days are yet ahead of me and it was just one significant day, that is it.

I am incredibly grateful to my husband for the past 18 years we've been together and for so many challenges that life threw in our way and we conquered! Today, we are stronger than ever! 

The reason I wanted to write this post is not necessarily to reflect on the wedding day, but I got an inspiration when I tried my wedding dress. I literally LOVED every moment of putting it on and comparing myself to 12 years ago and today I find it is an incredible blessing to love myself how I was but to absolutely LOVE myself even more the way I am right NOW and appreciate every part of my body and to give myself a tap on my shoulder or even a hug and tell myself: "You've done well, hun!" I feel I am in the best shape of my life today than I have ever been and no feeling can replace the feeling of confidence in the present and confidence in the future. I totally feel in control.

I am so grateful that I put my health as one of the priorities and that I chose a career as a wellness coach with Herbalife as a way to earn my living as I have no doubt in my mind that some of my body bits would look and feel a lot different had I chosen a different path and remained in a corporate job with all the stress and irregular routines, not to mention that I dread how my family-work balance would look like, no way I would have this much time with the children.

Over the last 10 years that I have been a wellness coach, having helped hundreds of people in the process with energy, shape and vitality, I also had to learn to accept that some of my friends and family would rather try every single diet under the sun but ask me for help! Most of them are still NOT where they want to be! None of them have a solution that is a lifetime weight management, anti-aging, disease preventive solution! It is always this or that diet! (And we know that diets don't work!) But, I accept them and love them just the way they are, regardless! This is just to say that that is all OK, although my biggest desire indeed is to help friends and family.

So, success leaves clues, if you are smart (or humble enough) to surrender to someone else's support and counsel! As I would not ask for a financial advice someone who is broke, I definitely would not ask for a nutritional and diet advice someone who is not at their best very best or in the process getting there with the right tools and support! That means I would not trust even my own very self and do it on my own if I am not already at my very best shape myself! Having a coach can mean ALL the difference, as all successful people have a coach for the areas they wish to improve!

I KNOW that there are many women out there who might feel completely the opposite of how I personally feel this very day when reflecting on the past decade or more. Some women most probably accepted the fact that their bodies will never be the same again because one would need to turn back the time and aging is just an inevitable process. Well, if you are one of these women, but secretly you do want to do something about it you just do not know how as you lack motivation, knowledge or the right support, let me tell you something... My job is ALL about coaching, helping, supporting and educating women like YOU to feel amazing, vibrant and in the best shape of their lives... AGAIN! 

When I was starting 10 years ago, everyone had an absolute right not to trust me and not to follow my lead! 10 years on, the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and I have all the confidence, experience, knowledge, tools and processes to say - what I do ALWAYS works if YOU work it and follow my lead! I can help you whatever shape or size you are and I hope you are ready for an amazing ride! I do hope you join me, but with you or without you, I am ON IT!!!! Woohooooooo!

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Healthy, Active Lifestyle Event @ Alice Park, BA1 on Saturday, 22nd March 2014

Making a Difference in the Community 

On Saturday, 22nd March 2014 between 10AM and 3PM, Tony and his team @ Alice Park Cafe were very kind to support us in organising a Healthy Active Lifestyle Community Day at Alice Park. 

We are a team of Wellness Coaches dedicated to helping local community through our Healthy Active Lifestyle initiative using 4 pillars approach consisting of Education, Nutrition, Exercise and Community in order to counteract health issues, most of which directly stem from poor dietary choices and exercise choices. 

Healthy, Active Lifestyle Event at Alice Park on the 22nd March is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits to individuals and community of what we do as this combination is very unique to us and has contributed to many local success stories and health transformations! 

Come and meet us on the day and:

  • Try our CobraFIT with Cassy & Sanela, CobraFIT Coaches, and see if it is for you and if you would like to get involved;
  • Meet Your Local Personal Trainer, Claire, and Yoga Teacher, Evie, who will demonstrate their expertise in yoga and general fitness and you will have a chance for a taster too
  • Discuss any issues related to diet & exercise and have a FREE taster of some of our healthy solutions;
  • Book One-to-one FREE & No Obligation 45 Minute Wellness Profile on the day with one of the coaches and find out:

    • How fast is your metabolism
    • How that can be naturally improved
    • How fast your current lifestyle is aging you 
    • How to slow down the aging process! 

Using medically graded tools we can determine Your Metabolic Age, Body Fat Levels, internal Visceral Fat range, Hydration levels, whether you Bone Mass is healthy; the amount of Lean Muscle you have and if it is adequate or perhaps some wastage has happened due to unbalanced eating and inadequate exercise.

Our Wellness Profile service is completely free of charge and non-obligatory and offers tremendous value that starts at £45 per session. All we ask of you, if you find it of a value, is to help us inform those interested in leading a Healthy, Active Lifestyle & improving their wellness of what we do to help us make your community a healthier place!

We are dedicated to helping members of the local community to improve their wellness through sound nutrition and exercise so that they might lead a Healthy, Active Lifestyle and hope to see you at the event! Please pass the information to your friends and family who live locally!

Our 4 Pillars Explained:

EDUCATION: We find that people often make poor dietary and exercise decisions simply because they do not realise the impact, do not have the right knowledge or are unaware of the smarter way. We have a program that educates and informs our clients and class participants on how to make make better decisions for themselves and their families.

NUTRITION: We show people scientifically formulated meal plans that are custom fit for each individual to keep their body  in a fat burning zone all day long whilst supporting their lean muscle and immune system.

EXERCISE: Our CobraFIT is an opportunity to join a full body workout that develops speed, strength and stamina, accessible to everyone, from sedentary to athlete, incorporates proven training techniques to achieve fitness and body analysis results, suitable for any age group! It is a proprietary exercise format that only takes 30 minutes, 3 times per week and jump starts the metabolism by not only burning 500 calories per workout, but also actually increasing speed of metabolism and fat burning with a massive after burn. It is a form of High Intensity Interval Resistance Training.

We have a community support structure that helps well over 80% participants to reach their goals because people make friends with others who share the same goals and get supported by the coaches and achieve their goals easier as we combine education with exercise and nutrition.

The Truth About Visceral Fat!

Do you know how high is yours? 

Visceral fat is the official name for the fat around our organs. It is not the same as subcutaneous fat found under the skin (body fat). Visceral fat and subcutaneous fat may, or not, appear together, but it is the Visceral fat that is a real trouble maker. It causes metabolic syndrome and chronic inflammation that leads to heart disease and diabetes. It literally encrusts the vital organs, the kidneys, liver, stomach, and others. It contributes to high blood pressure by squeezing the kidneys, working them and wearing them out.  It also drains directly into the liver where it infiltrates, replacing functional tissue with fat (fatty liver).

Visceral fat is related to eating too many easily digested carbohydrates - simple sugars and processed starches, by being biochemically programmed to take up extra glucose and turn it into even more visceral fat!  Its job is to take carbohydrates out of the system when the liver stores are full.  Studies also suggest that saturated fat and drinking large amounts of any alcohol at once (binge drinking) leads to visceral fat.

Visceral fat is a predictor of health risk.  It cannot be measured by the bathroom scale. CT scan or MRI are too expensive for routine use, but, if you are interested to find if your health is at risk, you can book your FREE & No-Obligation 45 Minute Wellness Evaluation with us if you are local (Bath, BA1). We use medical grade inner scanner to measure Visceral Fat amongst other things and give you an estimate on your health risks, full evaluation and can recommend a course of action to help you improve your health. I hope to hear from you! Knowing the risks is the first step in improving your health.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Welcome to CobraFIT! Are you ready?

CobraFIT kicks off in Bath next week (4th March 2014)! It is a brand new High Intensity Interval Resistant Training workout designed to shred body fat, increase lean muscle and improve fitness levels. The workouts are for 30-45 minutes but the entire session takes around 1 hour 15 minutes as it includes an energy tea prior to the workout plus a cool-down and recovery re-fueling afterwards.  

CobraFIT is a very unique form of fitness as it is a lot more than just a fitness regime! 

Whatever your exercise goals - weight loss, fitness, performance etc. your result is 20% down to your activity and 80% down to your nutrition and, apart from a fitness element, CobraFIT enables us to combine 4 pillars that our business is based upon: NUTRITION, EXERCISE, EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY helping anyone get in the best shape of their lives through our Healthy, Active Lifestyle Program.

CobraFIT is an all-inclusive group fitness and personal training concept that has been developed from the Bulgarian Bag foundations with the emphasis on providing a group fitness experience for a very wide spectrum of fitness and age levels and workout routine is designed to achieve the maximum results in the shortest period of time by leveraging the principals of High Intensity Interval Resistance Training, (H.I.I.R.T). CobraFIT has been carefully designed to achieve development in both cardiovascular and muscular conditioning. and it is our goal to help those who lack the time and resources to become fitter and stronger.

The Cobra-Bags are small to extra-large sized, and built with toughness and durability to handle anything you can throw at them. The Cobra-Bags typically used in our class routines weigh between 4kg and 8kg to start with. Most, if not all of the exercises that can be performed with kettle bells, dumbbells or barbells (and some that can’t) can be performed with a Cobra-Bag. The Cobra Bag offers movements that cannot be duplicated with any other tool & allows an individual to move all three planes of motion during a single movement!

Summary of Features and Benefits

  • It is a full body workout that develops speed, strength and stamina.
  • It incorporates proven training techniques to achieve fitness and body analysis results.
  • It is accessible to everyone, from sedentary to athlete.
  • It is a progressive training system that can be used in group fitness, sports specific training and personal training.

In a typical high intensity Cobra Bag workout lasting 40 minutes, calorie burning levels have been seen in 500-600 range! The beneficial results are not only from the increased caloric usage, but also the metabolic effect post exercise (after burn) due to the load and forces placed upon the body during highly dynamic CobraFIT Workout.  
The Science behind an After Burn Effect
High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) Workouts for Superior Fat Loss 
I think many people have a hard time understanding how a shorter, high intensity interval workout is superior to the longer, slower cardio sessions. They argue that 45 minutes on the treadmill burns 400 calories whereas 15 minutes of HIIT burns only 250 calories, so how is it possible that the latter is superior?

While yes, it’s sometimes true that during the ACTUAL WORKOUT, more calories are possibly burned by the longer cardio session, you need to realize that the calories burned DURING the workout is only one part of the whole picture.

After your workout, a process known as EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption), or informally referred to as the ‘after burn’ effect, begins in your body. This is basically a process of increased oxygen intake to correct the body’s ‘oxygen debt’ brought about by exercise. The more INTENSE the exercise, the greater this ‘oxygen debt’ - note I emphasized the word intense, not longer. Your body increases oxygen consumption to restore itself to a resting state. To reach a resting state again, it needs to restore hormone balances, replenish phosphagen stores, carry out cellular repair and oxidize built-up lactic acid.  

Carrying out all of these chemical processes requires energy. Where do you think your body is going to get this energy? That’s right, it will get a lot of this energy from fatty acids - your body breaks down fat stores, to release fatty acids into your blood stream. These fatty acids are carried to your cells where they provide the energy your body needs to return to a resting state.

The more intense the exercise, the greater the repair process and the more energy it requires.

Long, slow, low-intensity cardio will produce a small EPOC effect that will at best, last only a couple of hours after the workout. Basically the 400 calories you burn during the workout will be all that you burn, because the EPOC effect afterwards is negligible.

However, studies have shown that after HIIT workouts, the EPOC effect can still be found up to 38 hours after the workout - basically your body is burning fat to fuel the restorative processes for 38 hours AFTER your workout!

The challenge is that you need to do both cardio AND resistance H.I.I.T workouts to have fitness, and lean muscle which isn’t always practical or time possible. Now with CobraFIT, the only work out to combine high intensity interval with Resistance H.I.I.R.T, you can achieve both cardio AND resistance of the most effective type (H.I.I.T.) into one single work out!

In addition, as CobraFIT is also resistance training, while the calorie burn during the workout has been measured at 5-600+, there is also a maximum after burn, depending on the amount of lean muscle one has.

There is one other element that is key to make this calorie and after burn possible and actually enhanced - your fuel and re fuel around the work out. If you want to get the most from your exercise, we will help educate you and provide you with the nutrition that helps you achieve the most from your efforts. Without a nutrition element, the massive after burn simply will not happen...

Your ‘refuel’ needs to be within 30 minutes of your workout. This is known as the metabolic window. Research shows that getting a balanced source of complex carbohydrates and around 15-25 grams of protein (depending on the type of activity) in this window, re balances your glycogen stores, blood sugar AND prolongs fat burn. A key point to note is that your body can only absorb a maximum of 25g of protein at any one time, any additional protein will not be used and most likely add to your fat stores. Although solid foods can work, a recovery shake is much easier to digest, have available and if the quality of protein and carbs is correct will get to your muscles fast and repair & build even quicker and that is why we include the top of the range recovery shake post your workout.

If you eat poor quality, simple energy calories your body will no longer have a need to convert fat and you kill the after burn process dead!

Tanita, Body Composition Inner Scanner provider Company, has assessed each 40 minute CobraFIT class as the equivalent of a 10k run + 20 min interval cardio + 90 min weight workout! As a result, anyone doing 3 cobra sessions a week, would be classed as an ATHLETE as soon as they have done 28 days+ of 3 x week CobraFIT. I don't know about you, but I LOVE compressing time! 

I hope you are ready to join us! GO COBRA!
Contact us for more information!

Friday, 21 February 2014

6 reasons why Herbalife and Network Marketing are great for women!

Of course, I do not believe that Network Marketing is JUST for women as there are many incredibly successful men in the business, however, I AM a mum of 2 boys that designed the life around them that enabled me to make the most of my career as a Wellness Coach with Herbalife in pursuit of my passion for nutrition and helping others whilst not missing pretty much anything as my boys are growing up! I think this is something that women in particular can relate too. I had a choice to continue corporate career when company that I worked for liquidated and we all lost jobs, but decided instead to take probably the-road-less-traveled to be able to achieve more in the long run than any job would ever offer me.Time Freedom and Financial Independence.

Right this minute, I am sitting at Costa Coffee sipping my herbal tea whilst working as I am waiting for my boys to finish their maths session with their tutor. It is Half Term here in the UK and it does not mean anything changes drastically to what I do. I do not stress about who they stay with while I work, spend on childminding fees or need to take time off work if I do not need to.

So, here are those six reasons:

1. More LIFE-WORK balance! More control over your schedule and more free time for themselves or their family. Because I love my work so much, I choose to work more than I should and could personally do better with work-balance, but, when I am fully aware and seek balance - I easily find it! I have no boss that I need to ask for time off. I just juggle my time better by prioritizing. Network Marketing is truly an opportunity where women can have it all - take kids to school, pick them up, squeeze an exercise class, drop to the shops when needed, help with elderly parent's hospital appointment, etc... you get the picture! ... AND earn great income too!

2. We always say this is a business where you work by yourself but where you are NOT BY YOURSELF. This is a great opportunity to work independently, whilst being part of the team; it is an opportunity where women can have a total control over how they build their business, opportunity to collaborate with other individuals, teams and businesses and also receive an ongoing team support!

3. LOW start up costs & monthly overheads. Start up costs can be a real barrier if you are looking to start a retail shop or a franchise and capital investment can run into thousands of £££ for inventory, location, advertising, staff, legal fees and advice, insurances, etc. You truly risk a lot. In Network Marketing and ultimately Herbalife - start up costs are minimal and overheads are minimal too!

4. Network Marketing and Herbalife are a complete LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. You can kiss goodbye the glass ceiling of the corporate world where women are still paid less than men for the same role. In Network Marketing - gender bias does not play a part in your income, only your work ethics, skills and time you put into the business.

5. Network Marketing companies make a large effort to recognise and reward their distributors. I have personally qualified for lot of promotions, just recently the whole branded gear for great outdoors as well as a Vacation with my husband to a 5 Star Accommodation in Greece in May this year. How cool is that? I feel appreciated and recognised every step of my journey for a job that I love doing anyway! Truth is - people will do more for recognition than anything else as it is the recognition that many lack in a traditional work or even family life! We make your success a BIG fuss (because you are worth it)!

6. Last but not the least, this is an opportunity for you to be paid well to be just who you are! What do I mean by that? In the corporate world, despite being a mother - you can not exactly bring your family and motherhood challenges to work and in many high flying jobs you are encouraged or even forced to leave your femininity on the side as it is considered to be a weakness. With Herbalife - feminine traits of compassion, support, nurture and collaboration are highly desirable.

So, are YOU a smart, savvy woman ready to try something more rewarding and different? If so, I am looking for women exactly like YOU to join my team and our joint mission to helping members of the local community to improve their wellness through sound nutrition and exercise so that they might lead a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

Monday, 2 December 2013

FREE Wellness Profile PROMOTION! Help us reach more people who wish to lead Healthy, Active Lifestyle!

Eating healthy and exercising more will be a resolution of many for the Year 2014 that is soon approaching! The fact is, thing we are told to do - "eating healthy & exercising" - mean different thing to different people and the whole phrase trivialises what is ACTUALLY involved in order to see a significant long term health results. 
Most people do not have the knowledge of what is scientifically proven to reduce body fat, increase metabolism, slow down the aging process, prevent disease or even what type of exercises are best for us when it comes to getting the best results possible and media is confusing the issue even more. 
That is probably the reason why gyms are full of people who are working out very hard day-in and day-out, month-in month-out, however, pretty much looking the same, increasingly frustrated as they are not getting desired results.
I am part of an amazing organisation with the primary objective of promoting a healthy active lifestyle in our local community. We believe many health challenges can be solved via great nutrition and exercise. We support that with education that starts with a WELLNESS PROFILE for anyone who is interested in understanding how fast their metabolism is, how that can be naturally improved and even how fast their current lifestyle is aging them and how to slow that aging process down.
If you are reading this and are interested in understanding and finding out about your metabolism speed, how can it be naturally improved and even how fast your current lifestyle is aging you and what steps to take to slow that process down, then why not book yourself in for a SPECIAL DECEMBER PROMOTION: 1 hour FREE (local) no-obligation WELLNESS PROFILE, market value £40. If it might not be for you, you may know someone who would benefit from this service... your friend, family member, work colleague.

Don’t let the fact it’s December put you off starting your healthy active lifestyle programme.
We use medical grade inner body scanners and educational tools to help you understand the science behind how your body works and aim to empower you with the knowledge and tools to help you achieve Healthy Active Lifestyle and your personal best! 
We give tremendous amount of value during this process and all we ask is to help us reach more people who would benefit from this free service, should you find it of a value! We would give you a Gift Certificate in their name to pass it on and what could be better this holiday season (or ever) than a gift of health!

Call Sanela on 07794976209 to book your Wellness Profile appointment!

Welcome to my Nutrition For a Better Life blog. My name is Sanela and I have been helping people with their weight management and health goals since 2004. My goal is to encourage and inspire individuals to choose health and decide to live healthier, more fulfilling and active lifestyles by offering the latest information and education on the subjects of health & nutrition. For those serious enough to take a step further and work with me, I will offer free mentoring, support & follow up, topped up by the cutting edge nutritional solutions that can help anyone control their weight and achieve better health, energy and vitality levels! I hope we can learn from each other and work together!

Your friend & partner in health,

Sanela Mujakovic (BA Hons), Personal Wellness Coach & Herbalife Distributor since 2004, Bath, UK, Tel. 01225 313 218,

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